Car Rental Tips To Save You Money

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Rental Car Tips To Save Big Money

Rental Car Tips To Save Big Money.

Below you will find car rental tips that will help you save more money the next time you have to rent a car.

This article will cover this Rental Car Tips

  1. Secure your Booking in Advance
  2. Reserve The Car For a Longer Duration
  3. Only Pay For Car Insurance You Need
  4. Watch Out For (and avoid) Sneaky Fees
  5. Use a Credit Card That Offers Rental Insurance
  6. Find Online Rental Car Coupons

Use as many as you can to save as much money as possible.

Car RentalTips To Save Big Money

1. Secure your Booking in Advance.

Jake Groves from said — Secure Your Booking in Advance. Due to the pandemic, car rental providers have needed to significantly reduce their fleet sizes to stay afloat.

The reduced fleet sizes coupled with demand starting to increase again means short notice bookings are more difficult to secure and prices have risen.

Furthermore, there is a global shortage of manufactured new vehicles meaning renting a new car is almost impossible at the current time.

Due to the fleet shortage and high demand for car rental, we recommend securing your booking as early as you possibly can to ensure you don’t miss out.

Also, booking early in advance can slightly reduce the price of the total cost.

2. Reserve The Car For a Longer Duration.

Rental car companies often provide prorated refunds for early returns, so booking a few more hours or even an extra day might save you money.

In addition, this is a smart move if you’re not sure how busy the roads will be upon your return or if you want a little more weekend wiggle space.

3. Only Pay For Car Insurance You Need.

Getting extra insurance, such as loss damage waivers or personal property coverage, is usually offered by automotive rental companies and may cost anywhere from $20 to $40 per day.

There’s a good chance you don’t need this extra insurance if you have your car insurance or belong to AAA but be sure to verify before you forego it all together!

Whether you use your credit card to pay for the rental of your car, you may be eligible for free automotive rental insurance.

4. Watch Out For — Avoid — Sneaky Fees.

Before you go, make sure you have enough fuel in your tank to get you to your destination.

If you don’t, you’ll be charged a fortune to fill up. Also, before you drive off the lot, check your car for dings or dents and make sure the inside is spotless and free of any spots or damage of any kind.

If they attempt to charge you for the destruction that was already there when you rent the car, you should have a few photographs of the exterior and interior of the car.

Call the rental agency if you’re running late and inquire whether it’s cheaper to pay late fees or prolong your rental instead.

Tolls, GPS, and car seats may all come with additional expenses.

The more you can carry with you (or use Google Maps to discover a toll-free path into town), the more money you’ll save on little expenses that may add up rapidly.

5. Use a Credit Card With Free Car Rental Insurance.

Using such a travel credit card to reserve your rental may also help you save money.

In the event of an accident, you won’t have to pay the rental company’s insurance if you pay with a credit card that contains it.

When selecting a credit card, examine the level of coverage provided by the card issuer.

When your primary car insurance policy’s coverage is exhausted, many credit cards provide supplemental car rental insurance as a perk.

If you pay with a card that includes main car insurance, your coverage will begin immediately.

You should be aware of variations between the two before your travel in case anything goes wrong.

When you secure your reservation using a credit card, you’ll be able to earn rewards points.

These points may be used for travel or cash back in the future.

6. Use Online Car Rental Coupons.

One good way to save money when you need to rent a car is to find online coupons that will lower the price of your next rental.

These automotive rental coupons are quite easy to find with a simple search.

Search for “[rental auto company name] coupon code” on Google to find any available.

You will find many coupons this way to choose from. Use the ones that work best for you.

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