Yoga Night A Fiction Self-Help Novel by Margie Sue Brogdon

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Yoga Night A Fiction Self-Help Novel by Margie Sue Brogdon

Margie Sue Brogdon’s Yoga Night is a fictional self-help novel. Strangers join together to attempt Yoga and end up assisting each other.

Margie Sue Brogdon’s Yoga Night

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Yoga Night participants profited not only from their personal experiences but also from the opportunity to help one another.

We came up with the concept for “Yoga Night A Fiction Self-Help Novel” because we wanted a book that explained what Yoga may bring to your life.

We did not want a book on the “Benefits of Yoga.” Hundreds of writers have written and revised that book in various versions over the years.

We were looking for a way for people to learn about yoga in a more intimate context… As a result, Yoga Night was formed.

Thank you for taking the time to read Yoga Night: A Fictional Self-Help Novel. We hope you enjoyed reading the book and found it interesting and useful.

It was a pleasure putting it together and delivering it to you.

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